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July 19, 2018



I’ve seen a few posts lately on Instagram and other socials about life. Mainly the fact that most of us cost along without stopping to think what is our true purpose, why are we here?

And I think that is our “issue” as a generation and future generations.

I know I got caught up in thinking my day to day can’t be why I’m here on this Earth. But maybe it is? Maybe it’s not my job that is supposed to cause a drastic shift, maybe it’s my interaction.

If we all walked around like the next Elon Musk innovating the world around us, we would all still feel like we are not enough because we would all be the same. I’m sure Mr. Musk feels accomplished in certain instances, but he continues to innovate because he feels like he can continue to push the envelope.

I think, and what do I know, we should begin to focus more on our daily interactions, intentions, and relationships and nurture those. You can cause a drastic shift in not only your life but someone else’s if you are nurturing it.

I think the overarching message is you can make a difference in this world; you are enough. Next time you’re feeling down about your path of life, do something to change your mindset. I’m not saying up and quit your job, but maybe call that friend who lifts your spirits or pour that second glass of wine.

Stop focusing so much on the big moments and realize the potential of the small victories in your life.

-xx, Lauren.

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