Kristin Ess Review

July 24, 2018


My first Kristin Ess post was such a hit that I needed to follow up with a few more well admired items, and still plenty more to try out!

First off, the Babyliss blow dryer pictured above is the first “expensive” blow dryer I have purchased and it was worth every penny. It is not light in weight by any means but it dries my hair in a flash and it feels so soft. I always use a nozzle and round brush which helps with the finished product also.

Let’s get to the review.

I had a few friends tell me they were underwhelmed by the Beach Wave Spray which left me sad. I wanted to be able to apply something that held my style while softening it. I’m not sure if it is hair type or user error but I love this stuff. It says on the can to have a very light hand and the bottle should last you a long time. Almost literally. The first time I used it I missed those directions and my hair was an oily mess. After figuring out less is more this leaves my blonde hair SO shiny, which my blondes know is hard to achieve, and my wave holds all day. Win, win if you ask me.

I wanted to love this working serum, but I just don’t think it is for my hair type. It is great for finishing off a slick backed style or taming fly aways. I prefer to use an oil pre styling to help soften OR the last few days before I was to bring some nourishment. After a few pumps and applying generously to my ends before pinning up in a bun, my hair still felt very dry. I definitely suggest try this one out to see if it works for your hair type, but for me it fell flat.

The Signature Hair Water I am still on the fence about. It touts being able to bring moisture back into your hair and also just a simple way to apply a product that provides her signature scent to your locks. Trust me, you want her to make a designated hair perfume and not just a water because I receive endless compliments on how good I smell when I use something. I believe I saw somewhere that this product also has a bit of castor oil in it which is great for nourishment and hair growth. I did feel like my hair felt a bit revived after a subtle spritz on day two waves, but I also didn’t think it was a need to have product. I do like it, and I will keep it to try it out in other ways. Maybe it would help get a super wet slicked back look?

Do you like these product reviews? What is something you are wanting to know how it stacks up?

-xx, Lauren.

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