Wednesday Wants

July 25, 2018

We are BACK with another Wednesday Wants.

Let’s kick it off.

Can you believe OLAPLEX FINALLY launched a shampoo & conditioner?! How lucky are we. If you color treat your hair you NEED your hairdresser to use OLAPLEX in the salon and then purchase 3, 4 & 5 to take home! My hair dresser @beautybybrennab used steps 4 & 5 at my hair appointment last week and my locks still feel like butter. I can’t wait to work it into rotation with my beloved Briogeo products.

I reached out to an old friend, Tatum, recently about some skin care questions. She is now a badass PA at a derm office in South Florida. We have always had a love for pimple popping and all things skin care as long as I can remember, and we have always gone to the same derm growing up. Anywho, I reached out to her about fixing hyper pigmentation from sun damage and acne scars. Cue Azelaic Acid from The Ordinary. She recommended three main ingredients to look for, but this one was that was new to both of us and she is seeing a lot more of! I was also recommended this product by a follow blogger/influencer @emiliesobel.

I know I’ve talked about Supergoop products over and over. However, I’ve been hearing more and more about the importance of applying sunscreen not just to your face but your neck, chest and hands as well! These are all areas that show signs of aging quite easily. Once this 10oz bad boy is back in stock, I am 1500000000000% buying it. Even though it says hand cream, I will apply a generous helping to my neck and chest as well.

I can’t remember who I saw this top on, but I was shocked to see it was from Target! I may have already ordered it by the time you’re reading this.

I mentioned in the last Wednesday Wants I’m on a home decor kick. Our house is no where near done. I really want to put two pendant lights above the island to help bring a pop to the white kitchen and tie in the vibe I’m going for in the living room. I’m thinking a natural rattan style pendant like this one. Thoughts? Should I do something more industrial like this?! Help me decor people!

Because our living room is small, and I love a couch comfy enough for the both of us to sprawl out, we either need a small coffee table or no coffee table. I think a good alternative is a larger ottoman you can use to rest a few items on. We don’t have too much reason for a coffee table other than a place to set the remote and a beverage while watching TV. I do love the look of this ottoman/table but also am looking at something like this for some added storage.

The guest room is the one room I really have no direction with where I want to go. I know I want future guests to have something to sleep on other than an air mattress in an empty room. I’m torn between a full on bed or a sleeper sofa/convertible day bed. I love that a day bed like this will take up minimal room and allow the rest of the room to have lots of fun pieces to make it special.

I really need some extra storage in my office for the excess products I own. Plus, Victor would love for me to get ready in the mornings in my office instead of in the bathroom in our bedroom while he tries to sleep. I thought a quirky twist on storage like this locker console was so fun. I also like something a bit more unique like this piece also that I found via @nestingwithgrace.

PLEASE give me any and all the home decor inspo.

Until next time.

-xx, Lauren.

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