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It’s Complicated

July 30, 2018




Do you use an agenda or daily planner? I got in the habit of having one because of school. It’s a subtle hint at being somewhat more organized.

I have purchased a Passion Planner the last few years, maybe even since the company’s inception. Passion Planner started as a Kickstarter campaign and has flourished into quite the business. It breaks down your day by the half hour, has road mapping to figure out your short term & long-term aspirations, quotes and challenges for every week, the list goes on. It’s the ultimate planner that can be tailored to any individual.

The point of this post is one of the weekly quotes really struck a chord with me.

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making in complicated.”- Confucius.

This was the quote two weeks ago. The challenge that went along with it was to avoid multi-tasking and do one thing at a time without distractions and focus on being 100% present and in the current moment.

I’m an internal worrier, in fact, I internalize a lot. There’s nothing wrong with this, but the reason I am this way is because I know everyone is fighting a different battle. What good is it going to do laying my worry and my problems onto someone else who may have it way worse. I don’t know if that makes sense, but very few people are equipped for you to quite literally dump your “issues” onto them.

I didn’t focus at being present at all that week. I am challenging myself to be more aware and grateful for the moments as they come. I want to work on fostering relationships that deserve my attention and letting go of ones that just aren’t there anymore. I want to focus on not wondering about the what-ifs of the future and enjoy all the abundance I have in my life. I want to truly connect and get the most out of the simple things.

I challenge you to join me. Stop making things more complex than they need to me. Take a step back, breathe, and enjoy.

-xx, Lauren.

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