Coffee Detox 101

July 31, 2018

I truly can’t believe I am saying this BUT I haven’t had coffee in one. whole. week.

If you really know me this is absurd. I’m not a properly functioning human without coffee first thing, or so I thought. Whenever I had a friend who stated they didn’t drink coffee I stared at them like they had two heads. I’m telling you I honestly thought coffee was my life line.

I started to notice some negative side effects from my coffee (not caffeine) intake. Sure my double cup of coffee in the AM woke me up, but by 1:30/2:00pm I was crashing. HARD. Like fighting to stay awake. The mornings I would wake up early to go to the gym, which is four days a week, I was “treating” myself to a lunch time coffee. I’d have one at about 4:30 am and another around 12:30pm. The afternoon 1:30/2:00pm crash still hit me like a train. My caffeine tolerance was through the roof because I also had pre-workout on my early gym wake up calls. The only benefits I was seeing from coffee was a brief pick me up and regular bathroom schedule, if you know what I mean…

Victor had tried to talk me multiple times into a complete caffeine detox. There was Saturday I woke up around 6am and didn’t have a coffee until noon and I was DYING. I was at a puppy class with Maverick and the excruciating headache and irritability kicked in from lack of caffeine. I was in a damn puppy class and that couldn’t even cheer me up. I knew I had a caffeine problem, but I couldn’t cut it out completely.

For the last seven days I have been completely coffee free. I have swapped my morning cup of joe for an iced matcha tea. Matcha still has caffeine in it, but significantly less than it’s coffee cousin.

I know a lot of people aren’t huge fans of the taste of matcha as it can be quite earthy. I don’t mind it so much, but I whipped up this quick and easy concoction last Monday and I am hooked.

First you start with a full glass of water. I just use tap water but use whatever your preference is. The directions say to ease into matcha because it can cause some nausea if your body isn’t accustomed to it. If you are new start with 1/2 tspn of matcha powder. I opted for the Four Sigmatic Mushroom Matcha as I like the added focus Lion’s Mane promotes + all the added benefits of ginger. I have had matcha before and I like to take things to the extreme so I started with 1 full tspn of matcha. A lot of powders will suggest buying a matcha whisk, but a good ole fork works just fine for me. Stir until the powder is completely dissolved.

Next I add Silk Almond Milk creamer to a large mason jar. I got hooked on this creamer when it first came out because I was trying to find ways to cut out dairy in my diet to limit it to 1-2 servings per day. I tested basically all dairy free creamer alternatives and this is by far the tastiest if you prefer a sweet creamer. I add two scoops of my Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. This is great because it is unflavored, provides a good bit of protein to kick off your morning, and collagen is so great for your hair, skin and nails! I have a full post on Vital Proteins here.

After that, I pour the matcha water mixture on top of the creamer and protein. The Vital Proteins can get a bit chunky (AWFUL word, but oh well) so again I take my trusty fork and mix away.

Top with desired amount of ice and pop a reusable straw ~*~because save earth~*~ and drink away!

I have not had any crazy withdrawals even though I am consuming significantly less caffeine. My energy is stable throughout the day which means no afternoon crash.

I will have to figure out how to make a hot version of this once the “cold” weather kicks in, but for now I am loving my matcha beverage.

Matcha is a wee bit more expensive than coffee but for the results I’ve seen thus far I may be a convert. There are other detoxifying things matcha does to your body but I haven’t done enough research to report on that just yet.

If you’re not keen on making your own matcha beverage, Starbucks does have matcha on hand. I like to order a Venti Matcha water with a SPLASH of lemonade. Emphasis on splash because they will load that thing with lemonade and it will be full of sugar. The splash gives it just enough sweetness. You could also easily order a matcha water with a splash of creamer and sugar ¬†free sweetener.

Let me know if you’re a matcha drinker in the comments and what is your favorite way to drink it? Also, let me know if you end up making your own matcha concoction at home!

-xx, Lauren.

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