Wednesday Wants

August 1, 2018

I’m sure you all have heard of Sunday Riley Good Genes. If not, you live under a skin care rock,  and that’s ok. I used to use Good Genes about 2-3 years ago. My skin was AWFUL at the time. Constant breakouts and because of this I felt like the Good Genes wasn’t working or wasn’t the right fit for me. I received a sample in my recent Sephora order and HOLY CANNOLI. It only lasted my three days but what a glorious three days it was. I noticed a change in my overall pigmentation, my skin was smooth, and I glowed. I may have to bit the bullet and get bak on the SRGG train.

I will try any shampoo once. I tested my mom’s Matrix Brass off while we were down South visiting. I saw the influencer, Emily Luciano, promoting Matrix’s Total Results So Silver shampoo. If I could live the rest of my life with greyish silver hair I would, but it requires too much upkeep and constant coloring (aka damage). I still may see what magic this baby can do on my head.

I am a big fan of Too Face Born This Way Foundation. I must be the one under a rock now because I didn’t realize they carry a not only a concealer but a multi use concealer! Which means you can use it to conceal and contour, and if your savvy enough the conceal and contour will serve as a flawless base, leaving no need for a designated foundation. I love my Tarte Shape Tape concealer, but if this new multi use concealer is anything like the foundation I may have a new fave!

I have talked about wanting and trying the Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Pads multiple times. He must realize what a sensation they are because the line is expanding into other products. Dr. Dennis Gross has come out with an Alpha Beta moisturizer AND face cleanser. While it’s not exactly the same ingredients as the peel pads, it boasts being able to aid in evening out skin tone, preventing acne, and perfecting your pores…hence the name.

Elemis Pro Collagen Balm is everywhere. Literally. Casey Holmes talks about it, Bambi Does Beauty talks about, so many people love it! I love a good double cleanse, but my micellar water and Neutrogena eye makeup remover aren’t doing it for me anymore. I feel like I’m potentially creating more wear and tear on my face using cotton pads to remove it all. With a cleansing balm like Elemis’ you are able to give yourself a facial massage, hydrate, and remove any trace of dirt and makeup. Looks like my first Ulta haul is in order.

Liquid Chlorophyll is something I’m new to. I originally heard about it as a way to detox your body. It helps soothes and cleanse your insides, particularly your gut. Happy gut, happy everything else. What I recently found out is it is an internal deodorizer. Somehow this pesky product balances out things so well some reviewers have reported no longer needing to wear deodorant AT ALL. I love GOOD scents, so deodorant doesn’t balance me, but you smell because your body is sweating out and purging the bad. To me, no smell = no bad to purge? I don’t know I will report back seeing as I decided to order it as I’m typing this. Since it is unflavored, I will be adding to my morning matcha recipe in yesterday’s post.

Ettika is one of my favorite jewelry lines. It is affordable and is trendy but somehow the pieces are able to get you through multiple seasons. I feel like they take the trends and make the versatile. I have several Ettika pieces and love adding more to my collection. My next piece I plan on adding is this coin necklace.

I’m quite literally always on the hunt for a new staple white sneaker. Since the Balenciaga Triple S are too expensive and I wear my converse to white death, I haven’t quite found something in between. The Nike 270’s look so comfortable. I believe I’ve posted them once before but wanting as a workout sneaker. I think the all white pair would be a great sporty everyday lifestyle sneak!

When the Apple Watch first came out, it wasn’t a need or want to have for me. Within the last year it is something I REALLY want to have now. The concept of being able to access certain features of your phone from your wrist is cool since. For instance, I’m constantly bending down at the gym to check my phone in my gym bag or pick a new song to listen to. I mainly want the watch to track my caloric burn and activity level for the day. I know a fit bit could do the same thing for less money, but I prefer the look of the Apple Watch for now.

Until next time.

-xx, Lauren.

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