Wednesday Wants

August 8, 2018

Do you have a night routine? I most certainly do. And to culminate the evening I cuddle in bed with my pups. While I wash my sheets weekly, the bed starts to smell like dog at some point. Also doesn’t help that my cat, Rita, sleeps on my pillow. Most people would buy this pillow spray to help ease them to sleep, I’d be buying it to provide a lovely scent to fall asleep to and possibly have a meditative moment just before bed.

There are endless tips and tricks to treat your hair right to help it grow, but there is no secret sauce. Or is there? This hair serum promises to provide instant density to your hair, and the whole Grow Gorgeous line promises to treat your hair like gold and help it grow longer faster!

I’m really getting into full body preventive anti-aging. I would love to add a body oil to my regimen. I try the lotion thing, but Goose ends up licking me constantly after I apply. Oils not so much. I love the packaging of this particular body oil, and it’s made with outrageous ingredients like watermelon seed, pink grapefruit and organic coconut oil. I mean you could just slap on some coconut oil, but that doesn’t sound as luxurious as this Babe oil.

I didn’t snag the Pixie Coat by I.AM.GIA. last year, and I still think it is fully relevant this year. I see teddy coats popping up left and right. One of my favorite bloggers, The Something Navy, hinted their might be a pixie coat in her line launching this fall!

I love that mini skirts are back in full force. My middle school heart is dancing. However, I haven’t had luck finding my perfect fit. I do really enjoy the high rise of this skirt, and the buttons. I think my biggest dilemma is finding something that fits my waist, tush & legs! Maybe the buttons will help tighten that waist part in.

How fabulous is this Tibi Cropped Jacket?! It’s lavender, it’s faux fur, it’s f*xking beautiful. The price tag will prevent me from buying, but I will drool from my computer screen over it.

Back to the anti aging body thing…dry brushing. It helps with circulation, stress, exfoliation, the list goes on! A quick Google search will open pandoras box. I don’t know how I haven’t gotten on the train yet, but I will be adding to my nightly routine very soon.

Butter London has been making moves on the makeup scene and I love it. While their polishes boast a higher price tag, I think their makeup is fairly priced for the retailers they are in. And let’s all ogle over the new gel highlighters. They’re bouncy, the shade is phenomenal, and and I want it in a tub to slather all over my body.

When I saw a NuFace device for the first time I thought WTF is this? Literally. Then I started seeing the Face Gym pop up on instagram and various influences having electric current stimulation done to their face during a facial. This handy device literally and instantly tightens and lifts your face. It’s a face lift without the general anesthesia and looking like peeled back bologna.

Until next time.

-xx, Lauren.

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