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August 10, 2018



I received this product complimentary from Influenster in exchange for my HONEST review.

Even though I do not sunless tan too often because I forget to or get lazy and decide not to, I do love being tan. And with how huge staying out of the sun and sunscreen and all things about maintaining your youth are being thrown in your face, I love a good sunless tan.

I’ll start off with the fact that the White Tea Clasic Sunscreen is my favorite. I didn’t realize it wasn’t a designated face sunscreen, however, I have been solely using it on my face on the weekends doing yard work or just when I’m outside in general. It smells SO good and the consistency is lovely. It is slightly gel-y, but watery at the same time, and blends in so nicely leaving your skin well nourished.

I’m not a huge fan of tanning my face because I feel like it affects the way your makeup applies and lasts throughout the day. I also don’t enjoy if it clings to dry patches or darkens acne spots or active breakouts. The Anti-Aging Sunless Face Serum is a good product and I would recommend it. It is not greasy, dries down quick, and provides a gradual glow just like their sunless tanning range promises. It did cling and emphasize a few patches, but not enough for me to part ways with the product. I can’t say I noticed any anti-aging effects, I’m sure I will need to test out for longer than a month.

The Sculpting Mousse has a lovely scent if you like piña coladas……AND GETTING CAUGHT IN THE RAIN. Ok I had to. But it really does smell like the delicious cocktail sans alcohol. I’m a little on the fence about the gradual tan because I like to apply my tan at night, process while I sleep, and BOOM I’m a tan princess. This is a gradual tan and requires a few daily or nightly applications to get to the color you want. If you don’t like to go from pale ghost to tan goddess overnight, this is the product for you because it will appear as if you just caught some sun over time.

What is your favorite sunscreen and sunless tanning product?

-xx, Lauren


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