Wednesday Wants

August 15, 2018

This is going to be heavy home goods if you couldn’t tell.

Victor & I have a crazy amount of polaroids. Ever since he purchased me an Instamax camera, we have used it non stop. Currently all my beloved photos sit in an old candle tin. I would love to display some of them in our new because a lot of them are really great photos and memories. I love this frame and that you’re able to display a few per frame, verses being overwhelmed with a frame full of small photos.

If you saw my IG stories on Monday evening, you saw our custom nook was installed! If you missed it head over to @thesubercompany for a feature of it. I didn’t realize a 60″ oval table would be that hard to find. I’m loving the simplicity of this white tulip table and the ability to dress up the space with pillows and fun dining chairs. The only thing that would top this for me is a lucite or glass oval…let a girl know!

Not that Victor needs an excuse to buy another TV butttttttttt the Samsung Frame TV’s are awesome! And since we want to mount in both the living room and master, it’s great that they can have a picture like appearance when not in use. I mean seriously how cool that you can set the screen to a photo while not streaming Netflix?! It’s definitely not a top of the line TV in terms of specs, but it is certainly innovative.

I may have feature these wine glasses before but oh well. I have had a special place in my wanting heart for these Edge Wine Glasses from Crate & Barrel. They have red, white, champagne, the whole crew! There is something so sharp and chic about them, I want them in my cupboard.

I don’t know if this Farmacy Face Mist is new but I do know this Lancome one is. I cannot do my makeup without setting it. My favorite is by Make Up Forever, but I have used it for years and haven’t found something that performs as well. The Farmacy promises to boost hydration, and nothing like having a setting spray from a skin care company. The Lancome setting spray promises 24hr pristine make up, providing a luminous yet oil free finish.

I would love to have our whole house decorated at this point but there are two things in the way. 1. We are focusing on small improvements to the home and 2. I change my mind daily on decor direction. We currently have a walk-in shower with a curtain in the master bath. I think a black shower door will really elevate the space, and tie in the black trimmed vanity mirrors. I do like a push door like this one pictured, but I’m also into the half wall and barn door sliding style.

Back to decor a bit, I need to load up my dining nook with pillows for back support. Or all of our guest will be sitting against a window or curtain. I have two beautiful blue ones now, but I want an array of creams, blues, textures, you name it. I think two of this leather one would provide a great anchor and add a lot of warmth to that very white area.

I knew they made fireplace screen covers for most of my life, but I didn’t know they made ones that don’t look like your grandma bought it for her first home. I love the simplicity of this black grate, and I think it will dress up our fireplace instead of appearing like a black hole.

Until next time.

-xx, Lauren

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