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Summer Staples

August 16, 2018


Here we are friends. I am sharing my 3 Summer Staples you need in your life.

  1. A getaway!!!

    Whether it’s a quick weekend trip, a week long trip, or the entire summer, you need to get the hell up out of here. You need to detach, unwind, be care free. I always try to put stuff on the calendar well in advance because you have no excuse not to have enough money or enough time because it’s been planned wellllllll in advance.

  2. A Summer Wardrobe.

    It can be one outfit in particular or a few pieces you have on rotation. Or maybe it’s a certain style item or color. For me it’s white. I could wear white allll year long, but I particularly love it in summer. It’s all about being easy and effortless, and knowing what works for you helps.

  3. A great SPF!

    My current favorite SPF is Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen. It does not leave a white residue and your makeup applies beautifully on top of it. For body, I’m not too picky. Even though you should wear sunscreen EVERYDAY, it is especially important in the summer when the UV index is higher.

That’s it! Now you’re ready to take on the summer. Or maybe what’s left of it at this point.

What are some of your summer go-to’s?

-xx, Lauren.

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