Wednesday Wants All Things Home Decor

September 19, 2018

I warned you all I would be on full blown home decor. I hoping it subsides once my place is done, but by the time that happens I may want to start all over. (Victor, I’m kidding. I know you’re reading this…)

I’ve split this week’s home decor into three segments: ambiance, kitchen, living room. They technically are all three in the same general room but work with me here.
I’ve always wanted an oil diffuser even though I think the oils can be a little pricey and you definitely have to do your research that they are not harmful to you or your pets. I normally don’t like to just set it somewhere like on a media console or mantle because it is so obvious. However, diffusers really allow the scent to penetrate the room where a candle smells fabulous when it’s burning and not leave much of a residual scent. Now that we have this great shelving unit next to our built out nook, I thought this would be the perfect spot to place a diffuser. It will help mask any unwanted smells from cooking and it will permeate throughout the whole area. If you know of any other fun shaped or designed oil diffusers, send ’em my way.
This next one is a joint want between Victor and I. We spend a lot of time at home. If we’re home we are listening to music while we hang out or do stuff around the house or we’re watching something on the TV. We have always wanted a sound bar, so we took a visit to our local Best Buy to test run a few. This Bose SoundTouch 300 + the sub-woofer are hands down the best on the market. We will be able to listen to our music and enhance our tv viewing experience with both. The pair together is $1,400+ tax, but one of the sales men at Best Buy told us that he thinks it is a 2-for-1 type situation when Black Friday rolls around.
Voluspa makes my favorite fall scented candle, Baltic Amber. It is warm, cozy, and has a touch of elegance. I know it’s weird to compare a smell to elegance but it is. If you haven’t tried this candle before, I highly recommend it as we transition into the fall months. My second favorite is French Cade Lavender. So fresh and so clean.


Going back to that glorious shelving unit we have next to our nook. It comes with a need to fill it with items. Finding little knick knacks is tough. You want items you enjoy looking at but also have some sort of purpose or meaning. I know I want to fill one shelf up with cook books! I have my eyes on True RootsCravings (can’t wait for number two!), and Magnolia Table.
My friend, Anna, text me earlier this week that Kitchen Aid launched an Anniversary Limited Edition mixer, and boy is it pretty. I love the textured bowl and blue stand mixer. If you couldn’t tell by now, or you haven’t heard it enough, blue is my color. It’s my favorite color to wear and to decorate my home with. Doesn’t matter the shade, I love blue. I mean look at this mixer, isn’t it so appealing to the eye?! If you have a Kitchen Aid mixer, do you absolutely love it?  Or is it not worth the splurge?
You don’t realize how much cooking, or cocktail mixing, you do in your home until you’re constantly pulling the cutting board in and out of the drawer. How sleek is this acrylic cutting board that sits on the edge of your counter? It’s perfect to counteract the board from slipping and sliding while you’re slicing. It also is designed for easy clean up to just slide your remnants right off the edge into the trash.  It’s also HUGE. Nothing beats having plenty of space to cut up any and everything you need for a recipe.


For starters, we ordered a couch on Sunday!!! I can’t wait to share bits and pieces of our place once we finish fine tuning it all. I love decorating, but I hate how quickly the cost adds up. Woof.
Although I’m more than likely ordering the media console from last week’s Wednesday Wants (because of price) how stunning is this CB2 x Goop collab piece?! It is so feminine, so modern, and neutral!!! Which means even with the hefty price tag it will be functional for years to come.
I have always known I wanted a jute rug somewhere in my house. Last week I talked about wanting to layer rugs also. This denim and jute rug  WILL go somewhere in my house. I’m not sure where just yet but I am in love with it. We have plenty of rooms currently for it to find a home somewhere, but I am slightly leaning towards our living room right now.
I can’t remember if I mentioned it last week, but we have a smaller living area. We also don’t have a formal dining room or living room. This is totally ok for us because 1. we don’t have people over that much and 2. it’s the perfect amount of space for US. I’m trying to figure out decorating in a way that maximizes the space I have without making it feel too cluttered. I love this acrylic table. You have the functionality of a coffee table, the bottom shelf to add some sort of personal style, and since it’s acrylic it will keep the space looking open…at least in my opinon.
Until next time.
xx, Lauren.

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