Items I Snagged During The Sephora VIB Rouge Sale

September 21, 2018
I know it has come and gone, but I was able to stock up during the Sephora 20% VIB Rouge Sale. As much as I wanted to grab lots of new items, particularly new makeup, I opted to restock some of my tried and true products.
In no particular order, lets get the ball rolling.
I love Olaplex No 3. I have been using No 3 for the last five years. I honestly think I have been able to play with my shades of blonde so much because of this little guy. I use it anywhere from 10 minutes when I’m in a rush to sleeping in it over night. The caveat with this little guy is if you don’t bleach your hair, you’re not going to see it do much for you. It is meant to help bond and repair your stressed locks from the bleaching. So anyone on their blonde journey or wanting to mend their blonde locks, run to Sephora and get this.
In addition to Olaplex No 3, I had to get No 4 (shampoo) & No 5 (conditioner). I first tried this at my hairdressers salon at my last visit and my hair felt like butter after. I use my Olaplex products every other week, and I try to color my hair at a minimum every 12 weeks. I really am trying to go longer in between color treatments BUT my hair is actually starting to grow semi-fast, and the grow out by twelve weeks is KILLING ME. Anyway, I highly recommend No 3, 4 & 5! I’ve only used 4 & 5 twice, but hair just eats it up…literally.
Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask is a go to for me. Whenever my skin needs a little pick me up because it’s looking dull or flat, I slap a generous amount of this product on and wear it as an overnight mask. My skin is beautiful and bouncy the next morning. Try it for yourself. I can promise you won’t be disappointed.
I was tempted to try a new daily SPF but I stuck to what works for me, my skin, and most of all my makeup. I love Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen. It’s clear and is very much similar to a primer consistency, very silicone like and slippery. However, it doesn’t flatten out your skin like most products with this texture. While it does help to even out texture just a smidge, it leaves me with very moisturized supple skin. I apply my SPF last in my skincare regimen, just before makeup. I have not seen any adverse effects to my makeup application or longevity throughout the day. Everyone needs an SPF EVERY DAY even if you work in an office!
I have to admit I’m on the fence with the Ouai Scalp & Body Scrub. The first time I used it, I was head over heels. My hair felt great, my scalp felt extra clean but it didn’t feel stripped. The smell of this scrub is incredible. Very feminine but I cannot pin point exact notes, that’s not my forte. I haven’t used as a body scrub just yet, but I may give it a whirl before my next self tan.
Clinique’s overnight lip balm is another staple of mine that I found during last year’s VIB Rouge Sale. I haven’t quite finished my first tube, but it is definitely low which is why I stocked up. But how crazy this little tube last over a year?! And I use it nightly. It has saved me from many a chap lips, especially when the weather likes to change drastically. As lame and mushy as this sounds, Vic always makes some sort of comment after giving me a good night kiss and I have this on. Something along the lines of, “mmmmmm, chapstick.” If you love your Aquaphor lip balm for day time, you will LOVE this for night. It is a thicker/tackier consistency to the Aquaphor in my opinion.
I’m not one to order perfume period, let alone order it without sampling it first. But when a product is Online Only, you really have no choice. The notes mentioned on this perfume really spoke to me and sounded like something I would enjoy. After sampling on myself it is a very clean scent, but also has some notes of muskiness which I like. The one downside is, it doesn’t last very long and takes a good bit to finally mix with my PH and smell just right on my skin. Essentially right when it settles into a delectable scent on me, it has reached the end of its wear. I may give it one more test run before exchanging for something a bit more long wearing.
I’ve talked about Sol De Janeiro’s Brazilian Bum Bum cream enough on here. The scent is soooooo delicious (pistachio¬†+ vanilla). Even though the bodywash is quite pricey for, well, a body wash, I needed to give it a go. It lathers beautifully, and has the same smell as it’s body cream counter part. I’m not sure I can justify a repurchase at the price tag though. Let’s see how long this bottle lasts and we will go from there.
Makeup Forever Mist & Fix is my FAVORITE setting spray. I haven’t tried many setting sprays, but a lot of them have alcohol in them which dries out your skin. For someone with dry skin trying to achieve a glow that lasts all day, alcohol is not ideal for me to add to my face. This setting spray sets powders down beautifully and definitely prolongs the wear of my makeup. I wish they made larger bottles actually because I probably purchase 4-6 a year.
I’ve featured Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in a recent Wednesday Want’s. I was able to snag it during the sale, but sadly I purchased the wrong shade. Luckily, Sephora has a generous return/exchange policy and I will be swapping out for the right color. This foundation is medium to full coverage and leaves a demi-matte finish that has great wear time. I love this foundation¬†+ Estee Lauder Double Wear for foundations I need to last. Too Faced is a lot more natural and skin like in comparison to the Estee Lauder, but Estee Lauder will outwear Too Faced any day of the week.
What are some items you snagged during the sale?
-xx, Lauren.

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