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3 Ways To Test Out New Trends – What Works For Me

September 24, 2018
 Testing out new trends is always a gamble. You either absolutely love it and don’t care what people think because you are as confident as a freshly flourished butterfly. OR you’re a bit hesitant because it’s out of your comfort zone or you’re seeing it EVERYWHERE.
In this look I’m am trying out 3 new trends on 3 different pieces. Here’s how I made it work…for me that is.


In this case I’m referring to my hat. Whether it’s a hat, a handbag, a piece of jewelry, take the item you love and make it larger. I’m not a huge hat person, however, I have had a few posts here and there rocking some type of hat. (Let’s see how many times I can say hat…) I found a style I enjoy most, which is a Fedora, and I googled ‘Wide Brim Fedora Hat’. Low and behold I found this monstrosity of a wide brim. I originally bought it to wear during football games to shield my face and neck from the sun, now I love it for its sheer extra-ness. Also, if you were on the fence about ordering a hat from Lack of Color, DO NOT HESITATE. Yes, the pricetag is steep for a hat but the quality of it is incredible. You will not be disappointed.


The top goes one of two ways for me. For one, I love a crisp white top. I have mentioned before that I will wear white all year round. I know the white after labor is a faux pas, but tell that to the residents of the South. Number two, I’m a sucker for a great body suit. Everything stays tucked in nice and neat and everything is in it’s place. Take something that works for you and make it more fun. White & bodysuits work for me, but adding the one shoulder element takes it to the next level I loveeeeee that one shoulders are making their way back in casual wear. I have glamour shots of me in 8th grade in 2004/2005 rocking a black fitted one shoulder top and a patchwork Hollister mini skirt. Can’t believe how relevant that outfit is 14 years later. I know my mom will most certainly look for those photos after me mentioning them in this post…


I think we’re so keen on when an outfit is casual to keep the overall affect very casual and the same thing goes for a dressy look. Whether it’s a sandal instead of a wedge, or even what you accessorize with in general. I’m not one to normally rock a pair of jeans like this, I think they don’t do my bottom half justice. By adding a sassy shoe and a great handbag it takes these 90’s style jeans and brings a little sex appeal to them. Had I paired these jeans with a pair of sneakers, I think I would have looked stumpy. Don’t be afraid to mix casual, dressy, business, whatever it is all together to create a look that takes a trend, like these baggy ripped jeans, and really makes them work for you and the look you’re going for.
What is one trend you are most looking forward to playing around with?
-xx, Lauren.

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