Fall in Florida: How To Survive the Heat

September 28, 2018

I am a born and bred Florida girl. While I was born in Central Florida, I was raised much farther South. Fall in Florida does not exist, and if you consider 60* weather Fall, those days are few and far between.

Having experienced a lack of seasons, I have figured out ways to make them feel more festive.

We certainly do not have the luxury of layers which is what most fashion forward individuals look forward to in cooler weather. You are able to mix and match various pieces that can really make a drab outfit become a stand out.

You can start by changing your tones.

Summer yields bright and bold colors and lots of white and denim. You can introduce more jewel tones and warmer colors moving into fall. Think lots of browns, deep reds, greens, etc. You can even switch up tones you play with in your makeup. For instance a bright bold red lip with a white shirt and jeans is classic, but even more of a pop with a summer tan. Switching to a deep berry lip with the same outfit helps it transition to the fall months. Same outfit, problem same temperature outside, different look just by changing your lip color. Accessories are another big change you can make to completely change the mood of your outfit.

You can play with lengths.

While all months are quite warm in the Southeast, Summer is particularly hot. Moving into fall and winter you can lengthen those hems a little bit. Maybe you do a long sleeve top, or various maxi length items. The one beautiful thing about living in Florida is 99.9% of buildings have air conditioning and it is ALWAYS kicking. You might break a small sweat outside covering up a bit more, but you’ll cool off in no time once your bod hits the AC.

Swap out your shoes.

Floridians are NOTORIOUS for flip flops when it’s “cold” outside. I have done it, but now I’m an educated woman…I’m kidding but I do realize how cringe worthy it can be. I get that sweatshirts and flip flops make no sense, but less us live all other 49 states. Anyway, change up your shoes! Add a bootie, maybe it’s a sneaker, or a thigh high boot with a mini dress. You can rock fall footwear and still wear and outfit that doesn’t act like a sweatsuit in this Florida heat.

Those are most of the tips I can think of off the top of my head. I will be sure to chime in if there’s anything revolutionary I think of for us Florida folks.

To my fellow Floridians, what do you do to make your wardrobe feel more fall? To those who experience fall, what is the first piece in your closet you reach for when the temperature drops?

-xx, Lauren.

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