Do You Use All Natural Deodorant?

October 8, 2018
Natural deodorant has been making it’s way into beauty cabinets over the last several years. I will say it seems within the last year that natty deo has really made an even stronger presence. With all of us becoming more conscious of not only what we put in and on our bodies, it only makes sense that personal hygiene products would come into play.
I reached out to Curie Deodorant almost a month ago because I have been wanting to find a natural deodorant in a particular scent with certain ingredients. Check out their ingredients list here.
White tea is one of my most favorite scents. If my home could smell like white tea and sandalwood at all times, I would be in heaven. As soon as I saw that they are one of the only, if not the only, natural deodorants in white tea scent I was sold. What else is great is the make a regular formula as well as a sensitive formula that is made with less baking soda.
I’ve been using Curie for two weeks and have formulated my overall thoughts.
I am loving my new deodorant. I will say the texture did take some getting use to. It is tacky. Like my armpits felt like they were slightly sticking to themselves. I’m sure this is from some of the ingredients, like beeswax. It was not uncomfortable, just different. You do need to scrub your under arms before reapplying and every night to avoid product build up. This isn’t  huge deal because 1. I shower everyday, and 2. I have not had a need to reapply. I have worked out, gone to work, shoveled sand for this impending storm headed our way, and I did not need to reapply. I smelled fresh and lovely all day long. I’m not kidding when I say the smell is wonderful, almost spa like.
I am very content with Curie’s product, and intend on being a loyal customer for quite some time.  If you too are interested in Curie deodorant, check them out via this link, which will generate a 20% off code for your order! Don’t hesitate to shoot me anymore questions you might have in the comment section below.

Fair warning my posts this week or next week might suffer, Tropical Storm Michael is making his way to Tallahassee. Rumored to be a Cat 2 Hurricane by the time it makes landfall.

I’m not being dramatic, but Tallahassee can’t handle a windy day sometimes. I’m from South Florida so I’ve been through some of the roughest hurricanes our nation has seen. I’m just preparing for a lack of power (fingers crossed), which obviously affects bringing you all content.
-xx, Lauren.

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