Gift Guide For Her

December 5, 2017


I had to follow up my previous post with a gift guide for the ladies. Maybe it will inspire your own holiday list, or give you some fresh ideas for what to get those BABs in your life.

Rules are still the same. We will cover fashion, footwear, accessories, fragrance and tech.


A good white button down is a staple in my closet. Short sleeve, long sleeve, subtle details to it. I can’t get enough. I also can’t get enough of the detailing on this one. Perfect addition for the classic gal in your life.

I think every girl needs a denim jacket in her closet. I also don’t think you need to break the bank on one. I have had my GAP one for YEARS, and secretly wish I never gave away the one my mom got me back in middle or high school. Live and learn.

A good, no a great, LBD is a necessity in every woman’s closet. I am obsessing over the subtlety and sexiness of this one, I mean look at that slit…meow.


Surprisingly I am not a huge fan of heels. My way of faking it is by purchasing pairs with a thicker heel. Schutz makes great heels, and this is a classic pair you will have for years as long as you are nice to them.

I do LOVE me some sneakers. I will wear them with a dress, pants, skirt, anything. I love comfort and fashionable rolled into one. These slip on Rag & Bone white sneaks would fit in perfectly in anyone’s closet.

Snake skin booties are the perfect bootie. You can wear them with pretty much any color, and they jazz up any outfit. If you need more selling than that, you don’t deserve snake skin booties.


You are sure to make a girl swoon if you show up with this leather tote as a gift. It comes in an array of colors, is super lightweight, and I don’t think the price is awful for being a luxury brand designer.

I feel like hats are the new sunglasses, meaning it seems faux pax to leave home without one. I personally like the wide brim hat opposed to the conductor look that is circling around, but I certainly wouldn’t say no to either.

If fashion isn’t your thing, or you live under a rock, these Ray-Ban Hexagon Sunglasses have been everywhere the past year. I happen to think they look great on an array of face shapes, and are a quirky twist on your classic aviator.


Again, I am not going to break down the notes of the following. You should try/buy this, this and this.

They all smell extremely different and each pack their own punch. Balenciaga Florabotanica is floral as the name would suggest, YSL Black Opium is a warmer scent, and Bond Scent of Peace for Her is very clean and fresh. I love them all, but I would have to say the Bond Perfume is my favorite.


I know very few women who would turn down laser hair removal or treatments. This at home gadget allows you to perform it on yourself wherever and whenever! Marianna Hewitt did a full review on her blog. To summarize, she loved it, and you need it.

Impressions is a well known vanity brand in the beauty community. This tri-fold one is perfect for beauty lover who is not quite ready for a full vanity, but needs a little something, something to up her game.

Lumee Cases are well known, and it appears Kim K has really put them on the map (shocker, ultimate influencer queen). We are a social media generation, which means us ladies want to look fabulous even in the dark of night. Cue Lumee Case. Sadly, they do not have an iPhone X case just yet.

What gift would you buy for yo momma, friend, or lucky lady in your life?

-xx, Lauren.

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