December 12, 2017


This outfit made me feel very Cher from Clueless, hence the title of this post. But I am also quite clueless, maybe even helpless, when it comes to what to wear in colder temps. It’s not that I don’t actually know what to put on my body. It’s that my closet doesn’t contain the items I need to formulate the perfect winter outfit I have in mind.

I think I’ve survived so far with what I have at hand. Slight concern is starting to creep up on me with the weather forecast, and I may need to become more resourceful if these temperatures don’t start rising soon.

I do enjoy the cold weather for a very brief stint. I’m sure if I grew up in a colder climate and not the muggy swamp of South Florida, I would have acquired many well loved winter pieces at this point in life.

For now, your girl is going to have to make lemons into lemonade.

Are you a winter girl? Or is your Spring/Summer wardrobe where it’s at?

-xx, Lauren.

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