Working Woman

December 14, 2017


I said in a previous post my work “uniform” consists of some variation of wide leg pants with a bodysuit or blouse. Glad I am holding true to my word. There is something so powerful about wearing black head to toe. I can definitely dig it.

Back in February of this year I made the switch from the world of retail to the world of insurance. Completely different realms, I know. It has been been an array of adjectives thus far & I simply can’t pick just one. I think my favorite part about this jump is that it challenges me. And boy, do I love a good challenge. I’ve had to learn a completely new product, industry, way of advising, etc. I fully believe it’s never too late to rewrite your story. Yeah, yeah, yeah I’m only 26. Time is of the essence. Blah, blah, blah.

Change is scary. It takes you out of your comfort zone. In my opinion you’re allowed to take as long as you need to figure out your “purpose”.

But I feel like we live in a point in time where we are so pressured to have it all figured out and know exactly how were going to get there. NEWS FLASH. Tell the universe your plans, and it will laugh.

I guess what I’m getting at is change doesn’t come from comfort zones. Sometimes it’s ok to be uncomfortable. It usually leads you to bigger and better things.

Have you experienced change in your life recently?

-xx, Lauren.

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