Garnet Girl

December 19, 2017


I’m not just saying this because I’m an FSU fan & graduate, but garnet is my color. Ok, so garnet may work for a slew of people. I definitely find joy wearing it year round.

Piggy backing off of yesterday’s post, there are only a few days left to grab your holiday gear. I think this Greylin dress transitions easily from office to after hours. Yet again, I have Elle | Market to thank for another effortless assemble.

I do want to stop and reflect on how fortunate we all are to have the luxuries we do. Whether its as simple as having a roof over your head this year, being able to buy one gift, or being able to buy as many gifts as you like, we are better off than others this holiday season.

Take time this holiday season to reflect on the many wonderful blessings you have in your life. If you are able to take time to help those not as fortunate as the vast majority of us.

What last minute items do you have on your holiday to do list?

-xx, Lauren.

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