New Year’s Resolutions

January 1, 2018


I’m totally kidding. I don’t mind if people say that though. Whatever kicks your tush into gear, go for it.

Normally I set a resolution of get abs, be better with money, go somewhere you haven’t been bef0re, etc. I would say very specific expectations.

The quote above sits on my mantle. It has for about six months.

This year my resolution is to be fearless. Whatever makes me uncomfortable or uneasy, I want to go for it. Full speed ahead. If it brings me joy, if it helps me grow, if it is some wicked cool feat… bring. it. on. No matter how much is frightens the poo out of me, I want to do it.

This won’t necessarily be something I do every day, but it will be something I can work towards every day. Have you seen the video of the woman who conquers 100 fears over 100 days? Talk about badass.

Well my friends, Happy New Year. You can either let the days pass you by or decide your going to grab this life by the horns. Ride that baby like the cowgirl or boy that you are.

What goal(s) do you have set for yourself for 2018?

-xx, Lauren.


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