Sunday Chill

January 8, 2018

Victor & I used to be avid brunch goers. We still love nothing more than a great brunch together. His new work schedule the last few months has put a damper in our Sunday brunch attendance. First world problems, I know.

We both were in the mood this weekend to relax and unwind, but still briefly get out of the house.

One of our go-to spots in town for a great brunch is Table 23. It is literally walking distance from where we live.

We love their endless bubbles (maybe too much), and if you sit at the bar you basically never have to worry about asking for a refill. Your glass is always magically topped off.

The two menu items that are a MUST are the Biscuits & Gravy with Mr. B’s Chicken Tenders and the Sweet Potato Pancakes.

I assure you between the ambience and delectable food, you will be more than satisfied with your experience.

This Sunday we opted out of food and settled for a few cocktails. It was a perfect little outing.

What is your favorite way to unwind on the weekend?

-xx, Lauren.

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