5 Tips For Staying Motivated In The Gym

January 9, 2018

One week down, fifty-one weeks to go. Did you crush your first week of 2018?

If not, it’s ok. You still have fifty-one weeks to crush it.

I will assume that a handful of individuals set a New Year’s Resolution to get back in the gym and get in the best shape of their life! Sound familiar?

It is possible to take that same vigor you had going into this brand new year, and keep the ball rolling throughout.

I’m here to share five tips that helped me go from yo-yo gym goer, to consistently working out for six years now.

  1. Make Small Goals: Have you ever noticed when you book an awesome vacation it seems so far away? The same goes for setting fitness goals. If you’re at the beginning of your journey setting a goal of losing twenty pounds takes time. Ideally twenty weeks if you lose one pound per week. That’s almost half a year. Seems like forever when you put it that way, right? Keep your goals short. Take a vow to eat well for seven to ten days, you can’t out work a bad diet. Tell yourself you want to do three to five days of cardio, or maybe you want to take the stairs for a week at work instead of the elevator. Tasks are much more attainable when the end is closer in sight. Switch up your goals every week to keep it fresh, and find what works best for you.
  2. Schedule It: Whether you quite literally make a calendar event for the gym, or you make a conscious decision before going to sleep, schedule going to the gym. I’m not one to google calendar, but I will map out in my head if I’m going before or after work. My week typically splits Monday/Tuesday gym after work, Wednesday/Thursday/Friday gym before work. I’m also less likely to skip the gym if I wake up early and knock it out.
  3. Reward System: Do you like buying a scratch off ticket and losing? I didn’t think so. Similar situation goes for busting your butt at the gym! Going back to #1 tip, if you set a short term goal, reward yourself. If you ate well for seven days, have a nice meal out with friends or loved ones. If you crushed five days of cardio per week for a month, splurge on that outfit or new sneakers you’ve been eyeing. A tip within a tip, do not try to justify your rewards. “Well, I did five rounds of cardio in four weeks.” NO! If that wasn’t your goal, then no reward. Only reward yourself if you whole heartedly accomplished your short term expectations.
  4. Have Support: Whether it is a gym buddy, or someone you can text in a moment of weakness, find support. Shoot, it can even be a manifestation journal or board. Have something that in your moments of weakness (because you WILL have them) you can lean on that person or thing for a much needed slap of motivation to push through and stay strong.
  5. Trust The Process: ~*~rOmE wAsN’t BuIlT iN a DaY~*~ But really, it wasn’t. If you want quick results, you’re going to have an even faster rebound. Transformations take time. If you want to make a lifestyle change, and maintain a certain physique, you need to put in the time and effort. You also need to have expectations that it isn’t going to happen over night. You will have days where you see zero progress and you will want to throw in the towel. Persevere, stay strong, and know that there is one badass individual at the end of the tunnel.

What keeps you motivated accomplishing your fitness goals?

-xx, Lauren.

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