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January 19, 2018

Who else loves sushi? *Cue hand raising emoji*

I despised sushi before dating Victor, and it took a few years to get me into raw fish. I could handle a shrimp tempura roll, but anything raw skeeved me out. Now I can’t get enough! Our absolute favorite spot in town is Izzy Pub in Midtown. We could quite literally walk there but we still drive. Between the craft beer, excellent service, and Trust Me Roll (roll curated by sushi chef on the spot) we continuously come back for more!

Because sushi is one of our favorite foods (pizza is a tie for first), Victor treated us to a little afternoon sushi date on Sunday to kick off our anniversary week. It was quite a lovely afternoon.

I know it might seem like a bit much to get dolled up for a lunch date but I enjoy it. I had a busy morning with Goose between a puppy playdate and an obedience class. It was wonderful to freshen up and go to a nice meal with my man. Plus, you are always dating your partner no matter what stage of your relationship. If you won’t show up and show out for them, someone else will. Remember the person they fell for. It’s totally ok to grow, everyone changes. But if you showed up for your man in the beginning, why wouldn’t you do the same now that you have him? That road goes both ways gentleman…

What is your favorite thing to do on a date day?

-xx, Lauren.

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