Wednesday Wants

January 23, 2018

I have been wanting to be a little more adventurous with my wardrobe. I feel like I’m in a lull. Not sure if that makes sense, but it does to me.

Living in Tallahassee exposes me to a vast amount of college women and they’re style.

Boy, are they confident.

For the most part I will say this generation is great at taking trends, making them their own, and really being a standout in the crowd. Of course you have the other demographic that needs to take into consideration the lack of clothing they are rocking, but we don’t live in a perfect world just yet.

While this denim two piece set doesn’t scream adventurous, the subtle details certainly do. The frill sleeves, tie front, and high waist pant are all up my alley. However, the amount of midriff that could potentially be exposed is a bit dicey. Lucky for me, I am 5’4” with what I’ve been told is a short torso, so maybe it won’t be as revealing on my physique.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, I’m a sucker for off the shoulder. I have yet to dabble in off the shoulder swimwear. This Maaji swim top (the whole set in general) is super cute. It may not provide the best tan lines, but you’ll look damn cute pool or beach side.

I have no problem investing in pieces that I can wear to work or for play. This blazer dress would be a lovely Spring/Summer piece to get me from day to night on these soon to be HOT days.

I know statement earrings have been a thing for a bit now. I haven’t been able to settle on a pair I enjoy. Maybe it’s because I am trying to dive head first into it vs. sticking a toe in and getting acquainted with the water. I’m a fan of gold and the length of these tassel earrings don’t appear to be too cumbersome to get my feet wet.

Shorts are a quintessential staple in every Florida girl’s wardrobe. I also feel I am slowly creeping into the waters of needing to wear slightly longer lengths. While bermuda shorts were a hit when I was in elementary school the thought terrifies me now. I could, however, get behind these higher rise distressed Levi’s.

I love a good pair of slippers. It just so happens my last two pair are the most obnoxious patterns known to man. I’m ready to tame down my lounge wear, and invest in a more tone down pair of slides.

Victor & I share deodorant. It’s not my fault men’s deodorant reigned supreme. Notice the past tense. Something has been going on with Old Spice, because it is not working out anymore & Victor agrees. I began my quest for a new deodorant. I must live under an Old Spice rock because I had never heard of Cashmere Mist deodorant, but based on the reviews alone it would appear everyone else has. Might have to give this one a fair shot in my medicine cabinet.

I know La Mer is a luxury brand with outrageous products. The few items I have heard are said to be well with the hefty price tag. I am all for preventative measures to keep things where they should be as I age. The Lifting & Firming Mask by La Mer is a new product I may be easily convinced to give a go.

On my conquests for eternal youth, I have learned you can not neglect your hands. They rest on your steering wheel, are exposed to more UV if you get a gel manicure, and quite frankly you use your hands all day long. They get a lot of love. I always keep a bottle of lotion on my desk & hand cream in my purse. This clementine scented hand cream will be my next purchase going into Spring/Summer once my current stash is depleted. Which won’t take long 😛

Until next time!

-xx, Lauren.

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