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Simple Sundays

June 5, 2018


Victor & I have a pretty good weekend routine down. I know I’ve mentioned it before. As much as I like being active and doing something new and exciting, we tend to fall into our usual habits or activities.

We have been soaking up hanging out at our new house as much as possible.

I know, I know it hasn’t even been three weeks.

So instead of venturing out to our usual spots, we brought our usual to our place.

Lucky for us SoDough, our favorite doughnut spot, had two new feature flavors. We snagged Jupiter Jazz & Kitchen Sink. Two incredibly different flavors but oh so delectable. Jupiter had taro citrus, while kitchen sink had a vanilla bean glaze, pretzels, white chocolate chips, potato chips….you’re drooling right? I absolutely loved both and wish they would be permanent items in their assortment. If you could only pick one of the two on your next trip, my vote is for the Jupiter Jazz.

Alright, back to business.

Even though this past Sunday we laid low and kept it simple, I have found myself cramming weird tasks into all hours of the day. For instance, one morning after the gym I just couldn’t take the dog hair in my car any longer. So what did I do? Vacuumed my entire car at 6:30 in the morning. Why? Because in that moment it is exactly what I wanted to do. If I put it off to when I had the “time” my black interior would be the color of yellow lab…

Do what works for you. If that’s acting like none of your responsibilities matter for the day, DO ITTTTT. If it’s cramming in a 6:30 am car detailing, go for it! Keep life simple, because it will be that much sweeter.

-xx, Lauren.

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